Company Profile


Simply put, our quality standard ensures that all our client's order are manufactured, implemented, created and produced in the right way with the right components, with the right people and with the right price.


International safety-approved products made in Mainland China Our Mainland China factory covers an area of
20,000 square meters. With seven production lines and a staff of over 250, we produce 80,000 FCC-, CE-, CB
and CCC-approved monitors monthly. We deliver in as fast as three weeks.


  • Using high-grade materials

Anbonn monitors are made with quality components sourced from the following trusted electronics makers: Samsung,
LG, Philips, NEC, and Sharp. This helps ensure that the monitors we produce will satisfy your demands for quality.
In fact, our products achieve acceptance ratings above 99 percent. To give you further buying confidence, we also
provide 1-year guarantees on all our Anbonn products.

  • Sourcing made easy through a worldwide network

A truly global company, our main office is located in the Taiwan area and our factory is located in Mainland China.
We also have a shipping office in Hong Kong, and a warehouse in Rotterdam, Holland. Our integrated services free
you from the hassle of coordinating the delivery of your goods. Contact us today for further information.




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